Day 225- “Cracked”

Well, I’m still not a girly girl, but I do enjoy painting my nails when the nail polish decides to cooperate. Last night, it decided to cooperate. Last summer, my best friend from high school introduced me to Crackle, which is this really awesome nail polish that “cracks” as it dries. I did silver Crackle over blue, and this was the effect. (And I love it.) It’s nice to retain my feminine side, especially since I work outside. Today when I went in, my supervisor said “that’s interesting; I’ve never seen anyone show up to grounds with their nails done.” Well, that would make sense, seeing as I’m the only female on grounds crew. Except for the flower crew; they’re all girls, but I rarely get to work with them, which is sad since they’re great. The guys I work with are great too though. Once this is all over I’ll probably miss them all more than I say I will.

Anyway, back on topic. I went to take a photo of my nails, and a shaft of light came through my curtains just right, which makes for excellent contrast in the photo.


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