Day 224- “Saturn”

Featured here is logo of Saturn. More specifically, my Saturn, which I love dearly. Her name is Sarah. 🙂 There’s a great story behind this!

I got into a really bad car wreck a few years ago. The Toyota Corolla my sister and I shared was totaled, the other car was totaled, and my friend that I was driving had his arm broken by the air bag. I hadn’t driven in three months when my parents presented me with this Saturn, and I wasn’t to eager to get back behind the wheel. My dad was driving the first time I was ever in my vehicle. To make me feel better, he started showing me that he had programmed some of my favorite stations into the radio already. The song  “Sounds Like Life to Me” by Darryl Worley came on. For those of you unfamiliar with the song, the singer’s best friend’s wife called him because his friend took off because he was so stressed. So he went to the bar and found his friend and asked “hey man, what’s going on with you?” His friend initially replies that he doesn’t know where to start, but then says “Sarah’s old car’s about to fall apart” (followed by a list of other things). When I went to think of a name for my Saturn, the name Sarah is what I kept coming up with. Its also awesome that the song basically says that you have to get over what’s wrong in your life…. Because that’s life!

And there is the story of Sarah’s name. 🙂

Listen to the song here:



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