Day 212- “Rodeo Queen”

I got this photo today at the Greeley Fourth of July Parade. Two hours of AWESOME photography opportunities. I took over 700 photos- I uploaded 701 to my computer, but deleted a lot from my camera beforehand (the ones that were very obviously terribly over exposed or were pictures of nothing). It was great! I narrowed my options down, and decided that I liked this one the best because of the composition and colors. the only unfortunate thing is that I cut the tips of her fingers off. 😦

Here are some other photos that I took that I like!

The Parade of Flags!

The Colorado Masonic Band!

Recreating the Iwo Jima memorial!

A saxophone player from the Greeley/Evans District 6 All City Band!

This kid has got SWAG!

Nothing says “Go America” like bagpipes. 😉

This cute little girl was all dressed up! 🙂

We had the unspoken photographer greeting- we saw each other, nodded at each other to say “oh hello. You also have a camera. This means we can be friends.”

Soldier on his motorcycle!

This guy…. Also on his motorcycle!

Weld County police officers carrying the flags!


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