Day 204- “Dance Light”

Somehow, yesterday I allowed my friends to yank me out of my comfort zone, and they took me to Club Vinyl, a club in Denver. They dressed me up and did my make up and everything. Since I’m not a girly girl, I’m pretty much helpless when it comes to EVERYTHING having to do with looking fashionable at a club…  or, ya know, everyday life. To me, “dressed up” is a nice shirt and a pair of jeans that don’t have mud or anything on them. Anyway, so we went down there, and I awkwardly sat or awkwardly swayed to the music or awkwardly got hit on by drunk guys most of the night. Lucky for me, I had my camera there, and snapped this great shot of one of the lights on the dance floor and generally entertained myself that way. It’s not that I wouldn’t do it again, but I was ridiculously tired after waking up at five in the morning for work (this being around midnight). We didn’t get back to Greeley until after 3, so with only two hours of sleep I rolled into work. It made for an interesting day.

Either way, I like this photo because of the immediate focus on the light, and the color.


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