Day 200- “Worn Out”

I can’t believe I’m at Day 200 already. 200 photos?! Well… In my regard, that’s not a lot, because I take so many photos….. But lucky you gets to see the good ones, not the over/under exposed, unfocused, unartistic other photos I take.

Anyway, this is a picture of what used to be my nice pair of jeans. But since they are also my only light pair of jeans, they get worn most days when I’m at work in the hot sun and they’re covered in permanent grass stains, tree sap marks, and now a rip in the leg. But it’s not a cool rip; it’s one of the awkward rips, ahem… Between the legs. We all get those if we wear jeans enough, no big deal. I’m going to get a fabric scrap and sew it there so I can keep wearing my favorite jeans though, because I love them!

I also love the focus of the photo- couldn’t have turned out more perfect if I tried.


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