Day 199- “Broken”

On campus, there was a tree that was slightly hollowed out in the trunk. There, a mother duck decided to make her nest, and would sit on her eggs happily. My coworker and I would go around there once a week string trimming, and watch her from afar so as not to scare her. Yesterday, though, she was not there, and instead a large crow was standing at the bottom of the tree. I had a bad feeling about it.

We chased the crow away, and to our dismay, he had eaten half of the eggs. It was a very depressing end to the day, and when I went back today to see if the mother duck was there with the eggs that weren’t eaten, but she had abandoned them and all that was left were a few egg shells scattered about. It’s quite sad, but at the same time, that’s nature. The crow has to eat too, and when this duck tries to raise another brood she’ll know where to not put her nest.

Such is life.


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