Day 189- “Closer Than it Appears”

Featured for Day 189 is a hot topic, the High Park Fire. (Haha. Puns. Yeah…. It’s still a little too soon for that….) Either way after babysitting, I stopped by my parents’ house and my mom and I drove up a hill near our house for a better view of the smoke. It was terrifying how much there was. Today (Day 190. I know, a picture a day, and I fail at that….), my friend and I were talking after work outside, and realized that our throats were getting dry and our eyes red. Then we noticed ash start to fall. There is ash in Greeley, from a fire near an hour away from us! My thoughts go to all who were evacuated and hope that it can be contained soon…. And also some rain would be great.

Either way, this photo was my mom’s idea, and it’s true. The threat is much closer than I’d like to think, even over here in Greeley.


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