The 180’s

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed, there has been a lack of pictures for the past few days. I’m so sorry! I’m so bad at posting my “picture a day” but have gotten by with posting pictures every three days. Hopefully I’ll continue to improve on that.

What I’m going to do for days 182 through 186 is go back and take pictures of what I have been doing this past week which has caused me to fall behind. It cheats on the  “photo a day” concept, but I hope you all like the photos anyway. 🙂 What they will be are photos of my work at Xeric Demonstration Garden and the grounds at Bishop-Lehr Hall at UNC, which I help maintain through my job.

You can enjoy a photo of Xeric that I posted previously here:

I hope you enjoy them!

Happy Friday,



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