Day 148- “Balloon Release”

I was reminded the other day of how seeing something in a different light can change everything.

A while a go, I posted a photo of the end of a balloon and a ribbon caught in a tree. It made me think about when people do balloon releases after memorial services for loved ones who have passed away. It made me sad, thinking about my friend who passed away last year. Kappa had a balloon that we released for her, and then when we went to her memorial service, we all released balloons there too.

I forgot, though, how beautiful balloon releases are. On Saturday, we walked around the park after my party was winding down. We saw the wedding party taking photos. Right before I took my photo of the bride and groom, they released balloons. Several of them popped on the trees, but several of them didn’t. These are the ones that floated up into the sky. These balloons don’t represent death, but life, and the starting of a new life with two souls joined as one together.

I like the photo because the balloons follow the contour of the clouds behind them. If you look, you can also see where they match up into the thirds frame of the photo- in the the top left, top center, center, and bottom right thirds of the frame.

You can see the other photo here:


3 thoughts on “Day 148- “Balloon Release”

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