Day 145- “Friendship”

First of all, before I talk about the picture, let me just say that my friends are wonderful. Yesterday was my birthday, and today they threw me a surprise party in my favorite park. Drew was really pushing for us to hang out and go to said park, so I agreed. We showed up and he practically ran out of the car, which confused me. We also walked straight into a party set up with balloons and food and presents. I was really confused, because it looked like a party for a kid was about to happen and I didn’t want to intrude. Next thing I knew, I was being hugged by my friends, who were all yelling “surprise!” and “happy birthday!” It was wonderful, and we ate hot dogs and baked beans and a delicious cake, and played Frisbee and caught frogs in the pond. 🙂

About the picture, though! Here is Drew and Melanie, who’ve both popped up before in my blog. They are both my Brothers, and Mel is actually Drew’s big brother. I love this picture SO SO SO much, as well as the people in it, of course. 🙂 I love the lighting on Mel’s glasses and both of their expressions.

I also figured out that this picture reminds me A LOT of a picture form a loooong time ago of my sister and brother-in-law…. It’s amazing how many similarities there are!


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