Day 117- “Not Done Working”

I was driving home to visit my parents. To get home, I can either take a major highway out to the interstate and run through all of the city traffic, or I can take a smaller highway and turn off onto back dirt roads to get home. Guess which way I took? I’m a country girl at heart. While other people wrinkle their noses at the smell of livestock, I may not enjoy it, but I can appreciate it. A country song comes on the radio, and a lot of people roll their eyes and turn the station. I crank it up and sing every word.

So when I was driving and saw this farmer out plowing his field, I immediately stopped and whipped out my camera for a picture. It turned out better than I hoped it would, with the sun streaming gold in the background through the dust and the tractor. This is definitely one of my favorite photos so far.


4 thoughts on “Day 117- “Not Done Working”

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