Day 105- “Ribbon”

The other day when I was at a park (same time as the marble picture:, I looked up into the tree and saw a ribbon hanging onto the branches. Also visible is the end of a balloon. I was always sad when I was a kid, when I saw balloons flying away, because some other poor kid lost their balloon. And where did it go? Where would it end up? Through the years, I learned to appreciate the beauty that came with balloon releases, mostly for loved ones who have passed away, and letting them go. And yet, it still comes with the same questions. Some poor kids have lost their friend, sister, brother, daughter, son, mother, father, neighbor. Where did they go? Where are they going to end up? It’s easier to find a balloon when it flies away than it is to answer those questions. I saw the ribbon, and all of this flashed through my mind. I also sadly think of the symbolism of it being stuck. How sometimes, you just can’t get over their death as quickly as you want, even though you want to. There’s that one balloon that got caught in the tree that makes you keep thinking about it.

Since the ribbon is blue, and the sky is blue (oh good, I know my colors!), I wanted to do something to fade out the sky and make the ribbon brighter. I tried it using to do this, but after I was halfway through, I realized I didn’t like it. It ruined the integrity of the meaning of my photo, and even though it’s a bit harder to see, I like it a lot more. I also liked being able to use my telephoto lens, because the ribbon was at least forty feet above me. But don’t quote me on that, I’m really bad at guessing depth.


2 thoughts on “Day 105- “Ribbon”

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