Day 85- “Foundation Hall- Haunted or Not?”

Anyone could look at this photo of Drew at the organ and know that it’s a trick of shutter speeds on the camera. What most people don’t know, however, is that Foundation is one of the creepiest buildings in Greeley. It used to be an old movie theater long ago until it was bought and converted into a concert hall by UNC. Used as a rehearsal hall for the bands and orchestras and occasionally a recital hall for various instruments and chamber ensembles, this creepy old building creaks and moans at random times and always has me looking over my shoulder when I’m alone.

The other day, some of the new Kappa kids were working on a project which involved finding and organizing the slides of pictures. I couldn’t resist this photo opportunity and went and took pictures of them. Eventually I wandered up to the stage and began taking pictures of the old organ with the one light on, and Stirling, Drew and Erin found their way into the stage as well. We started taking the “ghost pictures” and this one of Drew turned out to be one of my favorites, because of the composition and his pose.

Wait…. Is that Drew, or is it a ghost….?


One thought on “Day 85- “Foundation Hall- Haunted or Not?”

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