Some Inspirational Stuff

So I’ve been having problems lately coming up with subject matter for my photos. I go on crazy photo sprees and then get lazy by using photos from those shoots instead of the “photo a day” concept. It explains why I haven’t done my photos for the past few days.

Yesterday I was talking to my friend Rachel, who is an art education major. She started talking to me about this project that I’m doing, and gave me some helpful advice about my content. I do agree with her too, I really just need a theme, if you will, to focus on instead of just random sporadic pictures. So I’ll start working on that soon, after my three delayed photos of course.

One thing that you’ll see in my Day 79 photo (“At The Summit”,Ā ) is one thing Rachel and I talked about. She said that she felt that I got some cool shots, but… What did she say…. There was almost a lack of passion? Something like that. That I would randomly name my pictures of whatever the subject matter was instead of really putting thought into it. And as you can see by the description of this photo, there was a LOT of thought put into it.

So, there you have it. Some things for me to work on, somethings for you to think about.

Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “Some Inspirational Stuff

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      • I have no clue. What inspires you? Or interests you? do you have a favorite artist or photographer? You could look at the photos you’ve already taken and see if there’s a theme emerging. When I started doing that I found a lot of tree photos and a lot of things grouped in threes. So now I shoot trees & 3s on purpose. šŸ˜‰

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