Day 77- “Elk”

My brothers and I went up to a cabin in Estes Park. As we left the cabin today, I freaked out and pulled over to get pictures of a group of bull elk laying together next to the road. My friends that I was driving patiently sat in the car, as everyone I know is far too used to me randomly stopping whatever I happen to be doing at the time and taking pictures. What was also cool, was right before this we saw a deer, and right before that, we saw a coyote! All in about five minutes right outside of Estes Park. All you see in Greeley are cows.
Anyway, the photo. It turned out the most artistic of all of the photos I took of these guys. I used my telephoto lens for this, which was fun because I don’t usually use them. It. It’s plural but it’s not. English is fun. Anyway, I like the exposure too.


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