Day 71- “Spinning Top”

Yesterday, Jill, Joe and I went to the store, and then decided to get McDonald’s. We walked in, and originally I wasn’t going to get anything until I saw that THE HAPPY MEAL TOYS ARE STAR WARS TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ridiculously excited, I purchased a Happy Meal with four chicken nuggets, a tiny bag of cubed apples, and about twenty French fries total. Doesn’t matter though, I got my Yoda spinning top. I then proceeded to play with it on Jill’s porch excitedly, taking pictures the whole time.
What I did here was slow down the shutter speed to one second so that the top would blur. Luckily for me it caught in the crack in the tiles, so it stayed there so I could take a picture. I had the ISO up to about 1600 I think, and it came out a little dark so I played with the exposure on my computer to make it brighter.


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