How I took “Roses With Water”

There was absolutely no editing involved in my photo “Roses With Water” (Day 55 of my 365 Project). I’m really proud of that! I decided though to show you what was going on outside of the frame of the flowers.

Not as pretty, huh?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the photo:

1) The desk lamp on a box for more direct light

2) The old band folder with aluminum foil to reflect light back into the roses

3) Aluminum foil underneath the vase for more lighting

4) Paper taped to the mirror for a background

5) Shot at our sink because of the overhead lighting

Anyway, I thought it was interesting how much I had to do to get the photo right. Not pictured in here is the spray bottle of water, although you can see its reflection in the mirror.

To see this photo, go to:


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